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  • Thomas Fishel

You’re Kidding Me, Right? More Rain????

Yep, you guessed it….more rain! Steve says his feet are soaked, they rode at least half of the 291 miles today in the rain, and most of it, in pouring down rain. There’s alot of the bikes on the trailer this evening. The unending rain is taking its toll. Long, hot showers for all tonight to get the chill out!

Thanks to Yeager Cycle Sales in Sedalia, Missouri for a great hosted dinner for the crew tonight!

Rose is still running strong, However, he’s noticed some abnormal tire wear on the front tire, so he’s gonna let a little air out to see if that helps. He also has had to work on the front brake a little. Apparently, he had some help from his new BFF from California. I can’t believe that he let someone on Rose in a Harley Shirt! LOL!!

This is a shot of the current weather on Berthoud Pass in Colorado. Looks like rain may not be their worst enemy after all. Riders make sure that you get your long johns ready for Saturday!

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