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What’s The Hammer For?

The guys all have a tool roll with a hammer and I love to hear all the answers they give when asked that question. Mine is to be like Doug Wothke. Their most given explanation is, “you see there’s a lot of our buddies that ride Harleys, and when they break down we use the hammer to help them fix it!”

In actuality, you would be amazed at how much those hammers are actually used by all the guys who carry them!

It was just like Christmas come early when Bartek gave Steve this polish version of a hammer. Look closely, it’s also a wrench!!!

The rest day was spent jamming to some AC/DC Pandora while completing general maintenance and other repairs.

Jared manufactured a new bracket to hold his rear fender together where the hinge had broke earlier on. Then he replaced his rear tire, a master link, tightened his chain, worked on his speedo, added some p-clamps.

Speaking of P-clamps, that was a trip in itself here in Sturgis yesterday when I stopped at a parts store and asked for an assortment of them in different sizes. You would have thought I had three heads. The three guys I talked to were clueless and I had to draw them a picture of one. I was afraid I was going have to break out the crayons as well. (I told Steve we should have run up to the airport before we left and got some out of the stash we have at the hangar where the plane is). Anyway, finally found some at a hardware store in town. WhooHoo!

Steve put the nut in his seat spring and put the bolt he needed in his rollup windshield. He completed general maintenance and checked his mag. Ziggy and Justin completed maintenance.

Justin replaced his spark plugs. Justin also reworked the gear shifter he made in Bowling Green to fit his hand better.

Riders and support crew stopped by all day looking for and sometimes finding something they needed, whether it was a part or to borrow a tool of some sort. It’s cool to see these guys all working together to help each other out.

And yes, the vise was used numerous times today.

Tomorrow they will ride out of Sturgis and arrive in Billings, MT after 294 miles.

The plan is to go into town tonight for a delicious hot meal and then a good night’s rest to begin the final stretch to the finish.


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