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  • Thomas Fishel

Views from the Road

Steve and Ziggy are still in the count of the 41 who have completed all the mileage again. Today’s fun included riding through the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Pike’s Peak, the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and the David Uhl Studios to end the day, along with the start of the mountain views! Thanks to both the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and David Uhl Studios for feeding the masses!

Thankfully, both problems today were fixable enroute with parts that were carried with them. Ziggy had a flat tire, but he had a tube. So they broke down the tire, installed the tube and got it up and running again. However, the time the repair took let them arrive just as lunch was finishing up, so onward they rode. Then Steve fried a battery some how. He was carrying a spare, so they swapped it out and were “on the road again.” They went through the bikes this evening and are ready for the run tomorrow.

Stage 10 is 278 miles and will take them from Golden, Colorado over Loveland Pass to finish the day at Grand Junction, Colorado. They have a lunch stop hosted by the Elks Lodge in Leadville, Colorado and the hosted dinner will be provided by the Grand Junction Harley Davidson!

Pit crew looks a little whipped this evening!


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