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  • Thomas Fishel

Time Change Confusion

It was comical as while I was talking to Steve this evening, three different people ask him the correct time and if they were now an hour behind. Steve’s reply to the last guy who asked him, “Yeah, it told you at the bottom of your rally map today that you would be in the central time zone.” I guess it should have just said, turn your clocks/watches back an hour, since you lost it today! LOL!!!

The ride today was scenic and quite interesting. They were constantly ascending and descending the “hills” as Steve called them, since they will be nothing compared to the 3 times they will cross the Rockies in the coming days.

Rose ran flawlessly again today and there was NO RAIN! Hurray! Steve says tonight’s agenda has an oil change for Rose to get her ready for the flat land riding in Missouri and Kansas the next few days. When I talked with him this evening, the sweep truck had yet to come in and they were getting ready to enjoy dinner provided by Appleton Harley-Davidson in Clarksville, TN. Thanks for feeding the crew! A shout out and thank you as well to Cyclemos Museum in Red Boiling Springs, TN for providing lunch and opening up their place!


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