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  • Thomas Fishel

The Super Six Are All Up and Running

Today was the first day since Day 1 that ALL 6 of the 101’s ran all day. While they all have their share of issues, all are working to stay in it for the long haul. All the bikes are now serviced this evening, put to bed and ready for tomorrow’s 299 mile run from Jackson, Wyoming to Mountain Home, Idaho. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that they all arrive in Mountain Home running……

Steve says the backup motor doesn’t have much power as it came out of one of our race bikes, so it’s been run hard and has seen better days. He’s got a bungee on it to hold it in 3rd gear and his knee is holding it in second. Josh is doing okay. If Marcin can make it on tomorrow’s 299 mile ride, he should be good for the remainder of the run. Jeff, Doug and Ian are running fine.

The dew and mist from Lake Yellowstone today kept them covered in frost, so the pictures should be pretty cool of today’s ride in more ways than one. They had 5 hours of time to spend sightseeing along the way and stopped at Ole Faithful for a group photo – can’t wait to see it. They kept the sales of hot chocolate in the park on overload today to try to warm up from the inside out to defrost.

Steve said the riders got a letter that said if any of the pit crew or non-participant riders were caught with the participating riders that the rider would receive a warning and penalty points the first time, a higher number of penalty points the second time and the third time they would be disqualified. Steve said this has been going on since Day 1 among some of the top placed riders and the tolerance level due to the tiredness level is starting to take its toll among the group. Steve just hopes that his bike makes it the whole way.

Onward to Idaho!

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