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  • Thomas Fishel

Thank Heavens He Ran Out of Quarters

Things are starting to get out of control so it’s lucky they’ll all have a rest day tomorrow in Sturgis.

The guys rolled into Sturgis this evening with full miles and on time. They went through the Badlands National Park, saw Mt Rushmore and came through the town of Deadwood.

Steve’s adventures today included a wild bronc ride. (I have the hidden camera video) Then, he apparently rode through some bees while trying to take pictures. Yes, I said while riding his motorcycle . He first got stung on a finger of the hand he was holding his phone with and got it shook off. However, the two that got into his helmet, he had to come to an abrupt halt and get his helmet off!!!

The guys are working on diagnosing Kelly’s motor tonight and then have repairs to attend to tomorrow on theirs.

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