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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Rain……..and oh, MORE RAIN! Steve & Dick got up early Saturday morning in a panic when they realized the full extent that it RAINED. They had parked in the grass the night before and just knew they were gonna be stuck. Out in the rain they went and by the time they got to the Excursion and trailer they were wading in 8 inches of water. But the rain took pity and let them very slowly pull the rig out and up to higher, paved ground in front of the hotel they were staying at. Others weren’t so fortunate and were stuck and even the rollback that came to get some of them out got stuck as well.

An early morning meeting was called and it was announced that the Cannonball would have a rain delay due to the safety factor involved in riding in the flooding areas. They were told to trailer their bikes to the lunch stop, where everyone would unload and finish the day’s mileage. Steve and Ziggy’s bikes ran beautifully and they finished the day with another perfect score. However, there were some that just couldn’t take the weather and weren’t so lucky. At the end of Stage 2, the count is down to 77 riders completing total mileage for both days. The endurance part of this race is certainly starting early with the weather playing a big factor in the event.

Day 3 will take the riders 244 miles from Columbus, Georgia to Chattanooga, TN to Coker Tire for a hosted dinner and a tour of his museum. Corky is such a gracious host, so I’m sure the event will be awesome! Steve & I have been there several times, normally with a piece for Corky to add to his collection. For those of you who’s visit is a first time, ENJOY!

Ride safe and hopefully, out of the rain for now!

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