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  • Thomas Fishel

Portland, Here WE Come!!!!!


Rider #7 Steve Rinker on a 1928 Indian Scout 101 “Pride Runner”

Rider #6 Justin Rinker on a 1916 Indian Power Plus “Cali”

Rider #37 Jared Rinker on a 1916 Indian Power Plus “Lexi”

Final preparations are almost complete. Support truck is almost full (I’m trying to convince Steve to take a microwave!) Work bench is set up. I think we’ve packed a zillon tools, parts and other stuff, “we hopefully won’t need, but we NEED to take, just in case,” according to Steve. Clothes go in tomorrow, along with some lawn chairs and our awning. We’ve been outside after dark, just to check out how much light the outside lighting on the support truck makes, how much the work area inside the support truck lights up, and how much light the amber lighting in the tool boxes illuminate the tools!

The final boxes of gear from Jared have arrived and the boys’ saddle bags are filled, so they are ready to go as well. They will fly into Portland, ME on Thursday. Steve & I will leave on Tuesday to get to Maine on Wednesday in time for pre-race inspection on the bikes and get everything checked in and approved.

Excitement levels are high and the adrenaline is flowing. Cannonball racers from all over are calling each other and checking in, problem solving, and creating the fever that is known as the MOTORCYCLE CANNONBALL! Let the games begin…….

This Cannonball, the White Knights (Buck Rinker & Dick Jones) will not be driving the support vehicle, but they have been a part of this upcoming one. They have test rode with Steve and been the support crew through the build process. This will be my first Cannonball as support crew on the run, instead of just “shop mechanic helper” (ha!) with Steve.


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