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Patience Josh, Slow and Steady

While I haven’t heard from Steve yet this evening, I can only assume that they are still busy servicing and repairing the 101’s this evening. While all 6 101’s started out this morning, luck was not on Marcin’s side. About 4 miles into the ride at a stoplight, Marcin was seen pulling over to the side of the road and they haven’t seen him as of lunch today when I last spoke with Steve. He reported that they were 170 miles into today’s run at that point and only had 129 more miles to go.

However……Jeff, Ian and Brett Johnson had been riding together, while Steve and Josh were keeping pace just behind them, when they stopped for gas and Brett’s bike was found to be making a real bad knocking sound. Brett elected to stay behind to check out his bike and the others took off for the next stop up in Pute (I hope that’s right). Jazzy Jeff took off at 50 mph with Ian and Josh following him. Steve elected to keep his 45-46 mph pace as he knows from experience and doing the mechanic work on his Indians that the 101 was never designed to run at those speeds, let alone day in and day out. He also knows that George Yarocki and Tim have been working hard every night on Jeff’s bike to have it in tip top shape and they are the best 101 mechanics to be found anywhere. They too, have been cautioning the guys on their speed. Anyway, Steve said Josh soon realized that he wasn’t keeping up with them and dropped back to ride with Steve at his slow and steady pace. Steve cautioned Josh that riding as fast as Jeff would take them out as their bikes would not withstand that pace. Apparently then, when they arrived in Pute for their next gas stop they discovered that Ian had broke a lifter in his motor and would be out for the day, if not longer. Upon finding that out, knowing Steve like I do, I know he told Josh, “patience Josh, slow and steady” and that would be the mantra for the remainder of the day and, probably during the final days of the race!

Steve said that this morning Jeff’s front tire had only 10 lbs of air in it and his carb had to be re-adjusted, even though it had been serviced the night before. There are those that feel the Indians are being tampered with. That being said, Ginger is holding her own and hanging in there. Steve now has 2 bungee cords on his bike, one to hold it in second (instead of his knee) and one to hold it in third. The screw keeps backing out of Josh’s oil pump, so they had to stop and safety wire it on today. Doug seems to be running ok and came over this morning to make sure that Steve got his bike started, which he did since it was actually 32 degrees this morning. A little warmer than yesterday. Steve said that the back side of the Tetons coming out of Jackson Hole into Idaho was absolutely breathtaking! However, the further into Idaho he went, it was hazy and the only thing that they had seen was a lone crow, except for the one antelope while I was talking to him.

I’m assuming that Jeff, Josh, Doug and Steve completed today’s ride. Looking at the standings that are posted as of yesterday’s ride Jeff has moved into 5th place and Josh is in 6th. SUPER – Slow and Steady Guys! Steve is in 45th and you will note that on Day 9 he only has 29 miles instead of the 229 miles he completed for the day. He was penalized 200 points for changing out motors. He’s okay with that as at least he was honest and upfront with everyone about it. Ian shows spot 53 and Doug 54.

Tomorrow’s ride will take them 251 miles from Mountain Home, Idaho to Burns, Oregon. I only wish that the guys could have ridden up to Crater Lake, as it is an awesome place with some spectacular views and water as blue as can be.

The Tribe is truly having the experience of a lifetime. I know that Steve has met some great guys and has gained a greater appreciation of the 101 Indian!

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