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  • Thomas Fishel

Our AMCA Future and My Extra Help

Jared (dad), Steve (Mipa), Jordan Rose, Jared (Dad) and Karter on her 1st ride and Great-Grandad Buck

Time out during the building process to let my grandchildren ride their 1st motorcycles…. and OF COURSE, the first ride they all took had to be on an Indian. They all took a turn on the Indian Mini Mini with training wheels before they rode some of the other mini bikes that I had for them as well.

Karter and Spencer spent 3 weeks and Karson was here for six weeks during my cannonball bike building process, so they got to help me! Karson started out timid in the shop, but soon could find his way around. From the “oil fountain” (my hone machine) to getting tools out of my locked snap-on tool box on his own!


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