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Not ANOTHER one!

Talked with Steve again this evening just as he was finishing the final 30 miles to the Lake Express Ferry which would take them to Milwaukee. He said it had been a gorgeous day. About an hour before I talked with him Ginger began to lose power again and he’s been playing with the carbureator to keep her running. He knows it is yet another blown head gasket! So he will be taking the cylinder off again to replace it tonight after all the festivities at the Harley-Davidson museum. I told him he needs a different batch of head gaskets…..but I know it’s not that simple (sounds like I expect him to run to the nearest auto parts to get them – ha!)

The ferry was scheduled to leave at 4:00 pm and he arrived about 3:40, so he had time to spare. All he had to do was get the bike to the museum to finish for the day. He says several others are starting to need repairs after today’s run. He passed a Henderson that was done for the day with serious engine trouble. All in all, despite the odometer issue, he remained on course throughout the day.

Tomorrow’s run will be a relatively short day as it will only be 214 miles with a lunch stop in Monroe, Wisconsin hosted by Kutter Harley Davidson, followed up with a hosted dinner at the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamose, Iowa. It will also be a day where they don’t have to start until 9:00 a.m. Awesome!

I’ll keep you posted……..


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