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  • Thomas Fishel

Motor Done!

Well it’s a good thing that the Cannonball isn’t next week as long as it has taken me build this motor. Head cold, flu, and just a overall things not going my way, made it seem like this thing took months to finish. This was my first attempt to do nickle plating. I used the Caswell system and lots of phone time with George Y. I did my cylinders, heads, intake, and oil pump. Parts look OK, just have to wait and see what the heat does.. I did replace flywheels with S&S flywheels from Randy Walker, that worked out real well!! Then got a rebuilt mag from Marks Mags through Randy as well. I also want to mention the help that Kent Thompson has been, my right side case was junk and he had a better one.. Thanks again to George, Randy and Kent.


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