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  • Thomas Fishel

Moose Sighting

Well, look what I finally saw —- yes, a MOOSE! Apparently, I’d been looking in all the wrong places.

A cool overcast start to day 2 which took the guys from Keene, NH to Binghamton, NY kept them snuggled in their gear and gave them a taste of what’s to come.

The guys got to make a stop at Hemmings in Bennington, VT. As the day progressed it took its toll on many bikes and left their riders becoming a part of sweep crew. Justin dropped a magneto at mile 71.5, but they worked until almost 11:00 last night and changed it out. It would have been sooner but Steve inadvertently set it 180 degrees out of time. Oh well, they didn’t have anything else to do at the Hilton

Jared and Ziggy came in first with Steve only minutes behind on the Romney Middle School Pioneer Pride Runner. Doug also made it and Kelly made it 7 minutes late. Which wasn’t bad considering his bike caught fire after a gas line broke. Thankfully, Jason and a few others got their fire extinguishers out (which they all carry for safety) and took care of them flames which were up over Kelly’s waist before he was able to get off. He cleaned it up alittle, repaired the line, and kept riding. Way to go Kelly!

The guys said the Vermont and New York roads were tougher than New Hampshire. Jared’s handlebars shook loose and the welds and had to be tacked back.

Ziggy had to adjusted all his linkages, brake and clutch. He checked his valve clearances and plugs, then serviced.

When Justin made it in they went to work.

Jared and I added the shin guards to the Pride Runner and fueled Steve’s bike up and he was good.

It was just starting to sprinkle when they finished up and it’s calling for rain for the next two days.


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