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  • Thomas Fishel

Miles and miles, and nothing but miles

“You’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy”…… well, Steve IS STILL in Kansas, somewhere! Actually, they stopped in Junction City, Kansas this evening and have the day off for some much needed R&R tomorrow. Boots need dried out, sore butts need a break, and helmet head bobbing neck muscles need to relax. There’s only so much a hot shower can fix. He misses our hot tub!

They got wet….yes wet, again today and being that is it only in the 50’s it was cold and wet! However, the bikes ran sweet in the cold air!

Here’s the Buck’s Indian T-shirt Sales force at work. Dick Jones, Steve S. (a.k.a. the Watchman) and Buck. Steve is from Keyser, (I won’t even try to spell his last name as I know I will get it wrong), but met up with the guys in Junction City, Kansas this evening and helped out with selling T-shirts while the guys went for dinner. Thanks Steve!

The results from the end of Stage 6 (Wednesday), showed that only 45 riders have made it the total 1341 miles to date. There are various theories as to why so many this Cannonball are experiencing so much trouble, but Steve & Ziggy are still a couple of the lucky ones who have endured the entire route to date. They both got the full 244 miles in today as well, so the results will be in late tonight to see how everyone got along.

Tonight’s hosted dinner was put on by City Cycle Sales in Junction City, Kansas. It was much appreciated and enjoyed by all. Thanks for the wam welcome!

Tomorrow’s plans include general maintenance, a once over, and then checking on the front tire issue. It’s still wearing abnormally and it pulls when pulling in or out of parking lots, intersections. Essentially, when the bike is turning and at a slow rate of speed. So, the day will be filled with piddling on the bike. Enjoy your day guys!

A sad start to today’s ride when Ken Smith lost his Harley Davidson when it caught on fire. Certainly know how that feels, we had our 101 race bike catch on fire at Wauseon on the starting line of the vintage flat track races a couple years back. What a mess!


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