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  • Thomas Fishel

Looking for the sun

The guys left this morning at 7:30 am from Junction City, Kansas after a day of rest to travel the 311 miles, the longest yet, to arrive in Burlington, Colorado this evening. It was a brisk 36 degrees and everyone was bundled up as they rode into the fog.

They stayed hidden in the heavy fog until about 10:30 before the sun finally pushed its way through and the riders enjoyed a cool journey across the plains into Colorado.

They arrived at the Old Town Museum, who hosted this evening’s meal. Thanks to the fine folks in Burlington, Colorado! After the evening’s event was over, Steve worked on replacing

the points in Rose and gave her a once over. He says that the day of rest has given her a chance to seat in her rings and she’s getting a little hard to start. However, once she’s up and running, they can ride like the wind and says she’s running absolutely great! He and Ziggy completed all of today’s mileage and are looking forward to tomorrow’s ride. They will head to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a hosted lunch at the Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum and then finish the day at Golden, Colorado where David Uhl Studios will host the dinner for the evening. The mileage for tomorrow will be 249 miles.


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