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  • Thomas Fishel

It’s Done…… Or is it????

Well my CannonBall Ride was done about four weeks ago and the cold weather prevented me from making any kind of nice test run. But I couldn’t wait so I took to the road anyway, and man was I ever surprised! The motor runs great, clutches are nice, and the ole girl just falls right in gear. Then came the big surprise as I pulled out on the road and came up to some speed the bike was a nightmare… It was bouncing all over the place, so I limped the bike back to my shop. As I am riding back (doing about TEN) I was trying to think what the hell was wrong. Then I remembered the rear wheel I used came off one of the race bikes and I had to spoke the wheel over to run center of the frame… AH-HA! I left it on the bike and never took it back off to check for true.. So the back wheel came off and that took about 4hrs out of my life. The wheel was not only out of true but looked a lot like the egg I had for breakfast.. So while the rear wheel was off I took it to our local Yamaha shop and had it balanced. I also took the front wheel over as well, but the shaft on the machine wouldn’t fit my hollow axle so I brought it back and done it “ole school”.. I had also found that the front bearings had loosened up on the front a bit. So know its all done again!

But wait there’s more.. I have a neat old tool that is used to spread the leaf spring apart so you can grease them and I like using it. So I started to grease the springs and once I spread them apart I found a broken leaf. Not the main but the second long one with the clamp.. I didn’t now how well 20 year old paint held parts together. So with a quick call to Kent Tompson I had what I needed on the way (more to this parts order later). Now the front end is coming back apart, I rob a spring pack from another 101 in my project pile’s and get it back on its feet…

So whiled sitting on the lift the bike has broken a leaf spring, sprung a leak in primary, and oil was pouring out of my shifter tower… My dad keeps telling me I will never make it through the state of Pa… I am starting to believe him……

Ok let me tell you about the parts order. I am running the original 6 volt system on my bike. Same DU7 generator that was on it when my dad bought it 16 years ago.. So I have been playing with some LED’s in the headlamp.. They glow well, but you can’t run them at night was also talking to Randy Walker about my light deal I had and I plan on using a LED and take a original Mazda if I need to run it in darkness. Randy also suggested that I put some tape on the lens so when I had to take off the outer ring I don’t drop and break the lens.. I laughed and replied “done that last month”… So — The bike is still on the lift and I decide to do the tape thing and guess what?? Broke the second one!! I run to the phone and have Kent put another lens in with the leaf spring…

Last week the weather was nice here so back outside I went with the bike and this time it ran great!! I like checking out every ones blog’s and Jeff Alprin’s site is really neat. I also like the fact that Jeff calls his bike “The Beast”. Fighting with my 101 I have given it a nickname also…. From now on it will be called “DAMN-IT” So if you walk by us on the run and you here me saying phrases like “come on Damn-it”, or “what now Damn-it”.. You will know that I am calling her by her name!!

I also have my map thing on the handle bars, added foot rest to the front spill bar, and installed a pair of ugly ass break lights… I will try and post a video of my bike this….. Oops wait a minute!!! I will try and post a video this week of Damn-it with all her mods..

Anyway I hope that I am not the only one laying in bed at nighting things along the road and pushing there bike to the next gas stop… Or am I?? Someone posted on the cannon ball site that the event starts now and not in Sept, boy are they right. Hopefully the bike is done for now and I should start thinking about myself a little. Damn-it wont be very happy pulling my big butt up some of the hills that we will face.. Thanks for taking the time to read my problems and hopefully your build is going a whole lot better. Steve

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