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  • Thomas Fishel

If you can’t run with the big dogs (or should I say knuckleheads)…..

Steve says that he and Ziggy triumphed Loveland Pass at 11,990 feet. With no guardrail, developing the shakes in the cool, no cold air, and the realization that those drops were 1-2,000 feet or more to the bottom, once they got to the top with no problem and riding like the wind, the pucker factor rating of about 7 (according to Steve) hit and they SLOWLY worked their way off the mountain and into Grand Junction, Colorado. They did it!!!! Others, didn’t even try and opted to trailer their bikes over the mountain just to save their bikes for the days to come instead of torturing their bikes with the climb.

He says they were minding their own business and were on a piece of interstate reminiscing about the climb when they were passed like they were tied to a stump. Apparently, some of the ’36 Harleys (Knucklehead boys) have formed a pack of sorts and they’ve been hassling (in good fun) the ’36 Indians about just “what they got”…… HA! They found out on Monday. Steve laughs as he tells the story that the knuckleheads rolled by, lined up across the highway and proceeded to fist pump each other looking like the wave at a stadium. He couldn’t take it and caught the one on the edge and proceeded to try to fist pump him and nearly scared him right off his bike. I would liked to have seen that! Anyway, “Alpha” Carl seemed to take it up and proceeded to “show him what his knucklehead had” and Steve hung right with him and then proceeded to show him what the old hillbilly from West Virginia had in his beautiful Rose! At the next gas station when the knucklehead boys finally rolled in, Carl wanted to know just what Rose had! Guess they won’t be making fun of the Indians anymore!

Here are a few pictures of the tire change from yesterday on Ziggy’s bike in the 7-11 parking lot. At least they were in town when they had to make the change!

Thanks to the Elks Lodge in Leadville, Colorado for the lunch stop on Monday and then thanks to the Grand Junction Harley-Davidson in Grand Junction, Colorado for hosting the supper on Monday!

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