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  • Thomas Fishel

Fire on the Track

Carl Temple is a dirt track motorcycle racer and family friend that races one of our 1931 Indian 101 Scouts. Things got a little crazy in Wauseon tonight at the annual Antique Motorcycle Races and Swap Meet when a series of unlikely events caused a dangerous situation for Carl on the track. Thankfully, our friend Carl is okay!

Here’s what happened…

After a broken chain left Carl stranded during the Qualifying round, he approached the line for the finals.

A cracked fuel line caused a fire to ignite at the start. Carl made it safely from the large flames of the gasoline fire.

Water was intended to drown the fire, but made the flames larger.

Someone from the audience ran to rescue the bike from the on-going fire with an attempt to drag it away from the flames, but the gasoline spread and the flames grew larger.

The fire grew stronger.

Finally, thanks to a fellow rider’s personal extinguisher, the blaze was stopped. The bike looks a little rough, but she’s proven to be very tough.

And the story will live on, thanks to the creativity of the individual who came up with this meme that has been all over the internet.


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