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  • Thomas Fishel

Feeling 🐸 Froggy

The guys had a long day. They had a fuel stop with no fuel and a food stop at lunch with no food by the time they got there

Riders were a little panicked. Chris Tibbey rolled in and was out of fuel. Steve saw guys along the road closeby from the Iowa DOH and he went and borrowed fuel from them and gave it to Chris to get him on his way.

This evening, about three miles out Steve’s fuel line broke and he borrowed a piece of hose from Ziggy to fix it. The guys all left him to get in on time themselves as they were cutting it close. Justin rolled in first, then Jared, followed by Ziggy. Then Steve arrived with minutes to spare. Full miles again.

Indian hosted dinner this evening, gave factory tours and all the Indian riders were given a bell.

This morning when Justin got his Ace sticker for completing all his miles he cut it in half and gave one half to Clint

However, when the guys were servicing their bikes this evening Jared caught a toad and snuck it into Steve’s saddle bags. A little while later when I was filling bottles with marvels, I asked Steve for his bottles. Sure enough, when he opened the bags, the toad jumped out and hit Steve in the face and he just about had a heart attack. He ran out in the parking lot fussing and cussing while the boys were all but on the ground laughing so hard . Everyone lived to ride another day!


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