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  • Thomas Fishel

Copycat! Copycat!

What you ask? Well, at the 2012 Cannonball…..actually the Saturday night before the 2012 Cannonball, I met Doug Wothke, Cannonballer #88. Doug was in Virginia at the time and had lost a wrist pin retainer in his cylinder on his way from Alabama. Doug rode his Cannonball bike from Alabama to New York, then across the country! We had only spoken via the 101 Chat Group before this and he called asking if I could help him with his 101. My sons were in from Ohio that weekend, so there was plenty of help. Doug arrived in West “by God” Virginia after catching a lift from a buddy. To work we went!!!! Doug spent the night, enjoyed some West Virginia hopitality, got his bike repaired and headed on to New York for the Cannonball.

But, as I began to enjoy the Cannonball with Doug across the country, I became aware of the stuff he had outfitting his bike. His friend, Greg of Bad&G Customs, makes all kinds of nice motorcycle items, from tool rolls, to saddle bags, to awesome seats. I was really envious of all his cool items After the ride a few weeks later, a tool roll, just like Doug’s, arrived in the mail from Doug — THANKS again! Then at Christmas, my wife had gotten me a set of the saddle bags, just like Doug’s. Awesome! And finally, for my birthday, my mom (with the help of my wife) had me a seat made, just like Doug’s! HA! Absolutely!!! So, I’ll be set up for this ride! Thanks again Doug!


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