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  • Thomas Fishel

And the Gods of Speed are smiling…

The Pride Runner is up and going after two weeks of off and on struggles with engine timing. We discovered that the newest part on our antique motor was at fault! Once the new magneto cap was replaced with an original one, she started on the first kick and finally came to life. So now the support truck layout begins in earnest, along with packing, picking what parts might be needed, arranging, re-arranging and arranging again all the “stuff” that we can’t do without, “just in case,” for the upcoming MOTORCYCLE CANNONBALL!

Twenty-two days and counting……. And the Gods of Speed are Smiling……

Here are a few pictures of the Pride Runner during the build process. We even decided on a blue and gray paint scheme to show the Romney Middle School Pioneer Pride as the students follow the bike in Mr. Groves’ 7th grade geography class while she travels across the United States. Her first stop will be at the middle school to show the students how she turned out before we head to Portland, ME for the start of the race.


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