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And her name is Ginger….

Just got final text from Steve this evening. He reports that Ginger has been serviced and put to bed. The 1929 101 Scout was christened “Ginger” at the start of the Cannonball today, a far cry from “Damn-It” and she apparently has responded to the gentle touch and words of encouragement rather well on Day 1.

Today’s ride was a gorgeous day and the bike ran really well …… others weren’t so lucky.

Earlier in the day, Steve reported that he is paired up with fellow Cannonball Rider Jeff Alperin and “the Beast” (his 101 Indian Scout) and they had a great ride from Newburg, NY to Wellsboro, PA for a total of 210 miles. There were a couple minor malfunctions, the first being that Steve’s antique doctor’s bag on his luggage rack is quickly coming apart from the dry-rotting leather. He had hoped it would hold up longer, but he’s got a back up that he installed this evening during service. The second, more comical, as the saddle bag came off on the one side of the bike which held tools, his spare gas can and one of two small fire extinquishers he is carrying. Jeff was following at the time and thankfully was on the opposite side of the bike, so he got to see it all unfold……. and extinguish. Yeah, the fire extinquisher was the only fatality. Everything was gathered up, pictures were taken and the riders were on their way again.

Tomorrow’s run will go a total of 320 miles from Wellsboro, PA to Sandusky, OH where he hopes to meet up with Justin and Jared and crew.


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