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  • Thomas Fishel

Almost Ready!!

Well the holidays are behind us now and I can get back to work on the bike. I had to do a lot of cleaning on the tank, the old tank cream was peeling off and rust was showing through. So during Christmas I let it soak in Acetone for 5 days and that removed the old cream. Used a varieties of rust removers and got the inside looking pretty decent. I used Red Kote to reline the inside and hopefully it’s ready to go. I am still going to run a filter on my rubber gas line. For those of you that don’t know or remember the 101 that caught on fire at the Wauseon races two years ago was ours, the copper gas line broke and the bike back-fired through the exhaust and set the puddle of gas on fire. Bike burned for what seemed like an eternity, but was okay after lots of work the day after.. So I am using rubber gas line on this 101.. Not worried about being original just functional for the trip. I have to finish up carb and brake lights and then get it off the stand and start.

Dad looks over my doctors bag that I will be using as tour pack.. Not sure if it meets his approval???


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