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All Repairs Made Here!

Today was the rest, aka as “Fix it while you can” day on the Cannonball. It also marks the last of the flat land. They will start their ascent into the Rockies over the next 9 days before ending up in Tacoma,Washington on Sunday, September 21st.

Steve texted this picture with the caption, “All repairs made here!” Looking at it, I would say so. They are not his boots, so I don’t know whose boots are getting an overhaul, but I assume that they need it as much as some of the bikes. LOL

Ziggy and Steve serviced their bikes and resolved any minor issues. Steve is still looking at his odd tire wear, but is going to hold off changing out the front tire until he absolutely has to. However, he’s got one ready to go! He checked into his front forks and discovered that he was a neck bearing short, it is in the frame rolling around somewhere. (being that I helped him put it together, I will take the hit on that one. HA!) He added another bearing, made sure it didn’t fall into the frame, and put it back together.

Then Steve worked on Dottie’s bike. He serviced it, adjusted the valves and gave it a once over. She’s got some racket in the motor, so Steve fears she’s only got a couple more good days with it, but is hoping it holds out longer.

Even on their day off, it rained and was cold. Dick kept the group in hot chocolate all day and they were headed out for a meal at the local Ryan’s Steakhouse.

Scores for the end of Stage 7 show the count is down to 43 with full mileage for all seven stages. The guys are settling in for a good night’s rest and some heat tonight before they head out at 7:45 a.m CST in the morning for their longest day of the race, a total of 311 miles. They will leave Junction City, Kansas and end up in Burlington, Colorado. Snuggle up guys and get ready for the cold!


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