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A Dose of Bad Gas

Talked with Steve this morning and was relieved to hear that it WAS NOT another blown head gasket. Several others experienced loss of power and trouble to keep their bikes going, but they feel it was a dose of bad gas at one of the pit stops they made. Thank goodness!!!

Since it’s a relatively short day (214 miles) they were able to start late 9:00 a.m. instead of the normal 7:00 a.m. and with the time difference of an hour that gave the riders even more rest. Steve said his cold is about to “kick his ass” but I told him to continue taking cold medicine and hang in there. It’s turned out to be another beautiful day and they should be at their lunch stop at Kutter Harley-Davidson in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Steve said last night’s experience was great – even if it was at the Harley-Davidson Museum, and Willie G forgot to mention anything about an Indian in his welcome. The ferry arrived at Milwaukee and they were greeted by the Milwaukee Police Motorcycle Motorcade and escorted through town to the museum. It was like a parade all through town. He said there were at least 5000 people waiting to see them at the museum and Willie G was on hand to welcome them and they were treated to a first class dinner and reception. Their bikes were on display in the Parc Ferme’ and it turned out to be relaxing evening.

As far as an update on the Indian 101 riders – Steve & Jeff’s bikes are doing well. Ian from England’s bike was treated to some hillbilly repairs by Steve which involved a beer can, but hey–it worked. Doug from Alabama didn’t dry out his magneto from the rain and has had trouble – I think that he cleaned and dried it out last night as it is going today. Josh from Virginia is running but is in need of a few repairs which Steve says he hopes to work on this evening at the motel. Marcin from Poland has been riding with Buck & Dick since Day 1 and Steve hopes to work on his to see what size piston they’re gonna need shipped to Sturgis where they hope to get him running on their rest day. He dropped a piston at the start of Day 1.

It’s flat country now so the bikes should run well the next few day without any stress or strain. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.


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