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2014 Cannonball- Time to get started….

It’s almost May, well, tomorrow it will be. So, time to start building my next ride. I have had a 36 Chief for a long time just sitting on the workbench collecting more dust than parts. When we went to the New Smyrna AMCA meet in March, I bought some lights for the bike, and then started thinking about building it. At the AMCA meet in Oley, Pa last weekend, Lonnie Jr. reminded me that there were only 132 days left until we ride out of Daytona.

Okay…..let’s get going then!

List of To Do Items:

1. Take frame, forks and other do-dads to have them painted!

2. Get wheels relaced!

3. Clean engine cases and start on fly wheels… .. Wait did I just say clean…. Well, let’s get dad (Buck) to get in the cabinet. I hate to glass bead parts, it takes too long AND I can’t hear the radio.

4. Build the Bike!

Oh yeah, I have to reassemble the 101 that I took apart for spare parts from the last cannonball. It’s in front of glass bead cabinet.

Ok, next, clean off work bench for fresh start. I can do that tomorrow, its too cold out there today…

HOWEVER, I do have a paint scheme picked out, and we made some t-shirts to sell.

So what’s next? I remember….. finish up a 1967 Citabria airplane that we restored last year. We had a couple of issues last fall and have been waiting on it to warm up in the hangar to put it back together.

Then I can start on my cannonball bike. I will try and do more pics this year during the rebuild.

And so it begins……..

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