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  • Thomas Fishel

You learn something new everyday

Did you know that you’re supposed to lull a lobster to sleep before you stick him in the pot? Something new we learned yesterday. Here’s Bruce trying his hand at it!

What’s for dinner? Why, lobster, of course, you are in Maine!

Steve spent the day working on “shake down” repairs. Kelly’s front end had a clunk and it needed a couple more bearings, his instrument panel needed some work, a headlight bracket cracked and needed welded, clutches needed adjusted and some minor sheet metal repairs.

Yes, they did get to experience some rain, just to get broke in right. The boys arrived, registered and went right to inspection. All made it through tech inspection with flying colors.

Steve did take a minute to waterproof his “spare” boots, just in case he needed them.

Doug, from Alabama, had some chirping going on, so headgaskets were replaced—twice to solve that noise. I just call this test fitting

Pat, from Australia, needed to make his wrench a little bigger to fit over his valve covers, so the vise got used — again. Mr. Groves, make sure your classes see this! I had a lot of questions on what a vise was and what it was used for.

Doug had to use the vise for some muffler repair!

Bartek, from Poland, needed a breather disk.

Steve and Peter, from Australia, talked shop.

Steve took a minute and added a fuel filter to the Pride Runner.

Questions were answered, problems were discussed, and excitement is building. No one can wait til tomorrow for the riders meeting, picture on the water and the official 10 mile start!!!!


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