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The Tough Get Going

We ate dust today. Literally.....all day long. Joe, Steve and I left for Prudhoe Bay this morning about 9 am. The goal today was to get to Coldfoot which is halfway to Prudhoe Bay. Elmer elected not to join us and will stay in Fairbanks until we return.

We stopped at the Yukon River Camp for fuel and lunch. We filled up our fuel bags and were good to go .

Here we are at the start of the Dalton Highway. It seemed like at least 200 of the 250 miles were either dirt or gravel or a combination. Dust! Dust! Dust! But, hey that's better than slick mud.

The smoke is pretty bad up here, so scenery is hard to see. Hopefully, it will be clearer tomorrow.

Joe and Steve both had yard sales today. Well, Steve generally has one every day. Joe lost his sneakers and we will look for them on the way back. Steve lost his bike cover, but I was behind him so I had him stop and get it.

Joe literally shook the baffles out of his muffler today. Rough riding today. At one point, I hit one of the frost heaves and apparently sailed my bike out of it. Joe said great save!

Steve has developed a chirp so he made sure his heads were tightened to see if that helped.

Here we are at the Arctic Circle. We made it in to Coldfoot and have a room for the night. We will do a little maintenance in the morning and then head for Prudhoe Bay, just 240 miles.

Here's our place.....

No, actually it's jig box 33

We caught up with the Germans this evening (They're riding Harleys). But the guys from Argentina that left early yesterday morning from our motel have gone all the way to Prudhoe and back to Coldfoot this evening.


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Don Gilmore
Don Gilmore
Aug 09, 2023

What a great adventure! Can’t wait to hear about it in person. Be safe my friends.


Bob Clift
Bob Clift
Aug 09, 2023

The stretch from Coldfoot to Prudhoe is where shit gets real. Watch out for the trucks. When you get to Happy Valley you’ll want to kiss the asphalt! Great reading about your epic trip!

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