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Look TWICE For Motorcycles

Look TWICE for Motorcycles!!!!!! The Cannonball Riders, while their own special breed, are a very safety conscious group. Over the course of this endurance run they have been on their toes for traffic that “apparently” hasn’t seen them. There have been several instances of close calls by others on the run, but the Cannonballers remain ever watchful as they ride across the country. Yesterday, Jared went into a cemetary to avoid a truck pulling out in front of them. Today, Steve and Justin rode the brakes so hard that Justin’s front brake has to be replaced and his rear brake rod was full of squiggles and needs to be replaced as well. So, in addition to routine maintenance tonight, they’re gonna pull a late nighter to repair and replace the brakes on all three of the girls.

All three bikes made all 249 miles today, but need lots of TLC tonight. Go Indians!

Tomorrow’s ride will take them 235 miles from Springfield, Missouri to the Twisted Oz Motorcycle Museum, owned by fellow Cannonball rider, Kelly Modlin, in Augusta, Kansas.


Haven’t got the report on this picture, but word has it that the Harley guys want the Indian guys arrested. (lol)

Eva’s collection of ACE stickers, one for every perfect mileage day she made.

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