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Kudos to Jared

Today was the ultimate ride for the Cannonballers. They went across the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge, across Skyline Drive leading up to it and then up 11,312 feet to the top of Monarch Pass before heading down into Montrose, Colorado. Jared made all his miles today! Hurray! He also called his dad to let him know that Steve would have cracked up on today's ride. If Skyline Drive didn't get him, then the bridge would have. Kudos to Jared!!!

Jared took this while crossing the bridge.

Here's what the Royal Gorge looks like.

Here is part of Skyline Drive

At the top of Monarch Pass.

A quick stop for lunch and then some pictures along the way.

A video of Jared leaving this morning

Scores from last night


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