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Idaho-A Hidden Gem

We left Stanley this morning at a cool 37 degrees. We weren't long in stopping as I needed to put on my riding pants and leather gloves before my fingers froze off in my fingerless gloves. Newbie!! But we did get to see some elk in the fields, had a couple deer decide not to jump out and spent another unbelievably amazing day of riding in the canyons

of Idaho. The ride from Stanley to Lowman and out to McCall in the canyons is indescribable.

We stopped for the night in Kamish. Had a great visit with friends, Mike and Linda McCall and Mitch McCall . They took us to dinner (thanks again guys) and then we stopped for the night at the KOA and got a room. What a great evening and another amazing day of riding.


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Jul 28, 2023

Even closer to my brothe. He’s in Laclede.

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