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Do You Have Anything To Declare

We left the Rockies in the rear view mirror today when we left Golden, BC riding 391 miles today coming back into the USA in Montana and ending up in Cut Bank, Montana. We had tried to stop sooner but no rooms available.

When we went through the border, the agent asked Steve if he had anything to declare. Steve said, yes he did. "I declare that I'm not coming back to Canada!" The agent had a sense of humor and laughed. Then when I got the green light to pull forward and he looked at my passport. He grinned and asked if I was with him, pointing at Steve. I told him, "I'm afraid so." He chuckled and I told him, I've rode with him going on 10,000 miles today and he hasn't left me yet!" He grinned, handed me back my passport and said, "then you'd better get going!" We all had a chuckle 🤭

Joe is hovering at 45-48 mph with the vibration in his KIWI Indian and so we ride ahead and wait at each gas stop for him to arrive. If we try to ride together, we seem to get cut off by pissed off drivers having to wait too long to get around all three of us. It's not pretty and it's just better if we are 10-15 minutes ahead of him. We coordinate where the next stop will be, so it's working.

Once we passed though the edge of Glacier National Park, as we didn't go through with Joe's bike the way it is, we left the mountains and got into "The Big Sky Country" of Montana and the grain fields. We saw a herd of Buffalo, which looked to be ranch raised, but it was cool to see.

We rode around the Blackfoot Reservation looking for a room in Browning and got chased by numerous dogs. They didn't get any of us, but we did some swerving, let me tell you. Anyway, I was certainly glad the casino hotel was full!

Somehow, Joe missed the Super 8 literally on the edge of the highway in Cut Bank when you came into town and rode on to Shelby. Apparently, he went by when Steve was carrying our bag to the room as Steve had stood outside watching for him for 20 minutes until he got worried and took my bike and rode all the way back to Browning (33 miles) looking for him. When Joe called our room to tell us where he was at, I called and texted Steve and then finally got him on the phone. I guess Joe's TomTom skipped Cut Bank.


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