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Clean Up

We spent today in Fairbanks cleaning off the muck and scrubbing the bikes down the best we could.

Then the bikes were given a thorough inspection. A run to Home Depot, Walmart and O'Reillys was made for what we needed. Steve needed a tail light bulb, a headlight bulb and one spotlight bulb. He needed to grease his kicker as it's sticking. Joe had to work on his carburetor and put new screws in it. He also needed a taillight bulb. He especially needed a new tool bag.

I needed a bolt in my luggage rack on the rear fender and because it was gone and the fender was beat in. So, we moved the tour pack forward and repacked the bike. I got another dry bag.

The Dalton was hard on these bikes. But they are ready to continue tomorrow. We will head down towards Denali and hope to end up in Wasilla.

I swear, Joe sat here all day!

Here's pictures from yesterday when Joe discovered his tool bag came apart. He was in disbelief!


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Don Gilmore
Don Gilmore
Aug 14, 2023

I see that Steve us still wearing his luck t-shirt! Continued good luck!

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