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And This Is Why They Call It “The Cannonball Endurance Race”

Just happened to catch Steve at the one spot along Lake Yellowstone where there IS cell phone service this morning. He had just pulled over to de-ice, yes I said ICE. It is 28 degrees with a heavy dew this morning and the visor on his helmet had iced over so he flipped it up and then his glasses iced over. So, he had to stop and thaw out. He snapped on the curtains on the crash bars to help hold in some of the heat on the motor. Josh thought it was funny that Steve was starting to look like an icicle.

He said he would talk as long as service held which was long enough to say that they all made it in yesterday and that he and Josh were riding together this morning. He hasn’t seen Ian. Doug is riding with some HD guys and Jazzy Jeff is put out with them for leaving him yesterday after the lunch stop in Cody. Apparently, he was tinkering and they were ready and left without him thinking he would catch up. Lonnie and the promoters have now stopped all extra bikes from riding with the participants and things are starting to unravel as there are those who are resorting to underhand means to stay in the race, make times, etc. So, the last half could be interesting.

Steve said he just about threw in the towel this morning when he couldn’t get his bike to start in the cold, damp weather. The compression is weak on this power plant and he couldn’t get it started. After kicking til he was whipped, Doug stepped in and got it running for him. Buck & Dick told him to get on and ride. Today’s ride is 160 miles on the loop road in Yellowstone, so they will head back out the east entrance (the way they came in yesterday) until they hit the loop road which will head them north and all around the loop road and then finally out the south entrance through the Grand Tetons and then to Jackson. The support crews are just heading on to the south entrance from Lake Yellowstone Lodge, so they only will travel about 40 miles and then will wait on the riders to make it in this evening.

So, it sounds like endurance is now starting to come into play with the riders, bikes, weather, attitudes, tempers and fair play we can only hope that all will abide by. It’s starting to get interesting……


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